Balanced tree policies support healthy, thriving communities.

The Puget Sound region is facing a housing affordability crisis that will require more homes of all types for a diverse and growing population.

To meet our region’s pressing need for more homes, we need to thoughtfully plan for growth, in addition to policies that promote our region’s natural beauty.

3 story home with small tree

Trees are vital to our quality of life, beauty of our neighborhoods and our community identity.

With balanced, objective and predictable tree codes, we can support a thriving tree canopy and deliver housing at the same time.

A good tree code responsibly maintains or grows the level of tree coverage in a city while also allowing much-needed housing for current residents, newcomers and future generations.

Homebuilders are partners in supporting a healthy tree canopy.

Balanced tree policy allows adaptability to a neighborhood’s needs.

Balanced tree policy lets property owners have a say in what’s best for their home.

Balanced tree policy allows for replanting and other flexible options to meet environmental goals.

Pairing housing with a healthy tree canopy creates more welcoming and equitable neighborhoods.

couple sitting on porch

By 2050,

the Puget Sound region’s population will reach 5.8 million people.

An additional 810,000

homes are needed in our four-county region by 2050.

35% of renters

had to move in the last five years because of housing costs or other displacement factors.

Source: PSRC – Vision 2050 – psrc.org